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Darryl Strawberry: After Suffering A Heart Attack Former MLBer Resting in St. Louis Hospital

Darryl Strawberry - Instagram
Darryl Strawberry – Instagram

*Former professional baseball player Darryl Strawberry recently revealed a harrowing health scare, disclosing that he suffered a heart attack on Monday evening.

However, thanks to the swift actions of medical professionals, his life was spared, and he is currently recuperating in a hospital.

The incident took place in the St. Louis area, where the three-time World Series champion found himself in the grips of a cardiac emergency, according to TMZ.

While Strawberry (NY Yankees / NY Mets)  did not delve into intricate details surrounding the ordeal, he did mention that doctors intervened with a stent procedure to address his ailing heart. Expressing gratitude for the medical intervention, he shared that the process resulted in the complete restoration of his heart function.

Taking to social media – Strawberry, who now lives in O’Fallon, Missouri – conveyed his appreciation for the outpouring of support and requested prayers for his ongoing recovery, ending his message with a heartfelt acknowledgment of divine grace.

“Your prayers are so absolutely appreciated as I continue to recover,” he wrote on his Instagram page, “in Jesus Name! #savedbyHisgrace❤️❤️.”

His Instagram post garnered responses from fellow celebrities such as Alex Rodriguez, Matt Barnes, and Cecil Fielder, who offered encouragement and relief at his improving condition.

As Strawberry looks ahead to significant milestones, including his upcoming 62nd birthday and the imminent retirement of his iconic No. 18 jersey by the New York Mets on June 1st, well-wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery flood in from fans and admirers alike.

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