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Controversy Surrounding ‘GMA3’ Host’s Tight Biker Shorts Blamed on ABC’s Layoffs

DeMarco Morgan - DeMarco Morgans Instagram
DeMarco Morgan – DeMarco Morgans Instagram

*ABC News employees attribute the controversy surrounding DeMarco Morgan’s suggestive Instagram photos to a series of layoffs last year.

According to The Post, executives responsible for overseeing the social media presence of the network’s on-air personalities were among those affected, and these key positions were not filled. 

We reported earlier that Morgan’s provocative images show him wearing skin-tight biker shorts, which left little to the imagination and created an uncomfortable situation for ABC’s family-friendly corporate parent, Disney, sources told the NY Post.

The IG snaps of the GMA3 co-host, who replaced TJ Holmes after being fired due to his scandalous affair with co-host Amy Robach, sparked heated discussions among top ABC brass.

“Executives at the highest levels of ABC have flagged the photos internally,” a source said. “It leaves very little to the imagination.”

DeMarco Morgan - ABC News
DeMarco Morgan – ABC News

“Disney is a family-friendly business. His Instagram has ABC News all over it,” the source said, per The Post. “A journalist should report the news, not be the news. I don’t know how they could expect audiences to take him seriously.”

In March 2023, ABC News president Kim Godwin initiated turmoil by dismissing high-ranking talent executives at the Disney-owned network. According to The Post, these executives typically monitored the social media activity of the on-air staffers, met with their agents, and coordinated appearances, but their positions were left vacant after the layoffs.  

Earlier this month, Goodwin resigned.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s colleagues have dubbed him “DeYummy” after seeing him in tight biker shorts. The Post reports that his popularity is soaring amid online debate about the photos. 

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