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Veteran’s Death in Atlanta Jail Prompts Mother’s Urgent Push for Mental Health Reform | WATCH

*In the Atlanta area, Christon Collins, an Army veteran, tragically passed away in the DeKalb County Jail while in custody since February 4. His mother, Jonia Milburn, attributes his death to his struggles with mental health issues and is now advocating for systemic change.

Milburn asserts, “There’s no justification for my son’s demise in a jail cell.” She contends that Collins, who was 27 years old, should have been receiving treatment in a hospital rather than being incarcerated. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Collins had been detained for six weeks on charges of obstruction of law enforcement and simple battery against police.

On March 13, Collins experienced a medical emergency in his cell. Although the on-site medical team responded promptly, paramedics later rushed him to the hospital where he succumbed to his condition. Milburn reveals that her son had been grappling with mental health challenges since leaving the Army.

“He served our country, sacrificing not only his time but also his mental well-being,” Milburn emphasized.

Christon Collins (center) - photo supplied
Christon Collins (center) – photo supplied

Jonia Milburn shares that her son, Christon Collins had a history of encounters with law enforcement, including an incident in December where he ran across a highway and collided with a police vehicle.

Despite her efforts to seek assistance for her son, both from jail officials and state authorities, he remained incarcerated.

Ronald Muckle, another veteran, echoes Milburn’s concerns, emphasizing that individuals struggling with mental health issues should receive medical attention rather than being confined in jail.

Although Collins cannot be brought back, Milburn is determined to advocate for change.

“This is a call to action. While my son cannot return, it’s imperative to reform laws and improve police response to mental health crises, not just for veterans but for all individuals,” she declares

Christon Collins
Christon Collins

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