Monday, June 24, 2024

EUR Video News: Charles Barkley Reacts to Kenan Thompson’s Impression of Him | WATCH

Kenan Thompson on King Charles
Kenan Thompson on King Charles

*Check out the fake Sir Charles, “Saturday Night Live” legend Kenan Thompson, as he explains how he does his impression of the real Sir Charles, the one and only, Charles Barkley.

On Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s “KingCharles,” with Gayle King and Barkley, a nervous (acting) Thompson dished to Gayle how he nails the Chuckster every time.

“Some people strike you funny… you have a very specific tone,” Thompson said before slipping into his Barkley persona easily. “It’s just down in here, you know? It’s just a very Southern baritonal, ‘I’m a very tall person, so that’s how I talk.'”

Barkley was so awed discovering his impressionable manner of speech, that he immediately said, “It’s a tremendous compliment.”

Watch it below.

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