Black Mayors’ Coalition on Crime Concludes First Set of Meetings in Memphis | WATCH

Black Mayors Coalition on Crime
Black Mayors Coalition on Crime – screenshot

*Earlier this week, Memphis was the spot as leaders from states far and wide gathered for the groundbreaking Black Mayors’ Coalition on Crime.

Initiated by the visionary Memphis Mayor Paul Young in collaboration with the esteemed African American Mayors Association, this coalition is on a quest for insightful discussions and innovative solutions to fortify public safety.

“In our unity lies our strength and determination. While national crime data may suggest a decline in overall crime statistics, our focus today is on the essence of feeling safe, for without it, numbers hold no significance,” articulated Mayor Young.

From traversing the avenues of Memphis and Shelby County to refueling at gas stations, or simply seeking solace in one’s abode, every individual deserves a sanctuary of safety wherever their journey leads.

“We pledge amongst ourselves that this gathering marks but the genesis of our ongoing commitment; we shall persist in our collaborative efforts,” echoed Jackson’s Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

A convergence of mayors and dignitaries from the likes of Jackson, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Durham, St. Louis, and beyond congregated over Wednesday and Thursday to engage in discourse on crime prevention and pragmatic solutions.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones gleaned inspiration from Atlanta’s strategies to tackle crime in nightclubs and is exploring avenues to curb criminal activities around convenience stores.

“One can’t ignore the prevalent violence in proximity to convenience stores and gas stations. The imperative lies in holding business owners accountable while concurrently driving down crime rates. The initiatives we’ve undertaken are resonating with fellow mayors,” articulated Mayor Jones tirelessly.

With discussions shielded from public and media scrutiny, councils and leaders delved deep into exchanging expertise and brainstorming novel interventions. As reported by the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission, Shelby County witnessed a 6% surge in overall crime in 2023 compared to the preceding year, with a sharp uptick in violent and property crimes.

Rampant vehicle thefts notably contributed to this spike, with more than 14,000 vehicles reported stolen in Memphis last year alone.

Mayor Paul Young singled out Charlotte’s audacious “Operation SCARLET” as a prospective model to emulate in Memphis. Exemplified by the recovery of 180 stolen luxury vehicles worth over $11 million along with contraband during the operation, culminating in the pursuit of federal charges.

“People crave rapid solutions; an immediate halt to ongoing crimes today with a vision for preventing crimes of tomorrow,” emphasized Mayor Young, harboring an unwavering commitment to continued dialogues and collaborative

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