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A&B Publishes ‘Imagine Becoming a…’ Children’s Book by Filmmaker Nicole Butler

Cover of children's book 'Imagine Becoming a...'.
Cover of the children’s book ‘Imagine Becoming a …’ by filmmaker Nicole Butler.

*Filmmaker Nicole Butler publishes a children’s book titled “Imagine Becoming a…” (A&B Productions). The book is for children ages six and up. Each page takes the reader on a journey with its animated characters through realities as they strive towards their dreams.

The book takes the reader through all the experiences one might have in life trying to overcome setbacks while going after their dreams. The “Imagine Becoming a…” book inspires the readers to act on their dreams.

Author Nicole Butler is not new to inspiring and molding young minds. She guided her prodigy son, Ben Foster, through filmmaking (short films and music videos) via his Ben Foster Films to accomplish many milestones.

One of those milestones included appearing on the Montel Williams Show. Montel was so impressed with Ben Foster that he sent him to the Los Angeles Film Academy. It was at the film academy that he experienced an internship at BET Network.

Butler expanded her talent for guiding young talent to include other children. Through her company A&B Productions, she has executive produced, directed, and written a long list of projects that inspire youth, educate them, and promote their talents.

Nicole Butler
Filmmaker Nicole Butler publishes children’s book ‘Imagine Becoming a…’.

Nicole Butler’s credits as a filmmaker include Flip the Script Reality Special (2010); FTS Kidz News series (2011 – 2022); 18! The Movie (2012); The Designing Kidz Project (2013 – 2020); Teens Around Town mini-series (2014) and Taste It or Toss It mini-series (2021).

The native of Delaware currently resides in the Los Angeles area. Among her many talents Butler is also a fashion designer. She also has a nonprofit organization A&B Foundation (1998) with a mission to nurture young talents in the creative arts. This nurturing is done by refining the talents and skills of young people to help develop their self-esteem, provide employment opportunities, promote their talents on different platforms and help empower them.

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