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Yvonne Orji Makes Directorial Debut At 2023 Urban World Film Festival – Timbaland Says Justin Timberlake Should ‘Muzzle’ Britney Spears + More | PicVIDEOs

Yvonne Orji
Yvonne Orji made her directorial debut Urbanworld Film Festival with a short film “Jamaal: a day in the life of a Black man with no ADDITIONAL trauma,” which she wrote and directed. Photo Credit: Instagram/Yvonne Orji

*Yvonne Orji made her directorial debut at the 2023 Urban World Film Festival with a short film “Jamaal: A Day in the Life of a Black Man with no ADDITIONAL trauma,” which she wrote and directed. She worked with Paul Feig‘s company Powder Keg which allows comedic female directors an opportunity to direct a short centered around “a day in a life” story scenario. Yvonne shot her film within one day with leading actors Derrick A. King and Marija Abney. The “Insecure” alum tapped her former co-workers Jay Ellis, Prentice Penny and Melina Matsoukas for advice “Who said, ‘you only have one day? Then your only goal is to just make your day, don’t try to do nuffin fancy! 😂, as she describes in a lengthy caption on her IG page. Yvonne also encouraged her followers to remember the actors’ names in the film “cuz they blowing all da way up!” Ok, BET!!!

Tyler Perry became visibly emotional when ABC The View host Sarah Haines said she met his mother through his new documentary titled, “Maxine’s Baby,” named after his later mother. One person noted, “I don’t think she recognized the power of her words until seeing his reaction…” However, many people on social media took issue with Whoopi Goldberg making the touching moment awkward with her off the wall statement, “Out of the mouth of blondes.” “I’m screaming, because what was that for her to say?!?!? I mean…this was a full-blown emotional moment, and she nearly ruined it with that. Girl, sit back and let Tyler have his moment. 🙄,” said one shocked fan. Another added, “I’m lowkey sad Whoopi ruined the moment like that.. cause huh?” Chile, smh, Whoopi gonna Whoop!

Careful, Timbaland, your misogyny is showing like grandma’s slip under her Sunday’s best church dress. During a panel at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, for “Sounds Architects: A Producer Conversation” on Oct. 30, 2023, the mega-producer was asked about Justin Timberlake‘s diss track “Cry Me A River” seeing a resurgence since the release of Britney Spears‘ memoir. “I wanted to call and say, ‘JT, you gotta put a muzzle on that,'” he dismissively joked. The comment sections on social media were not on his side, “I think you should apologise for that disgusting and disrespectful towards Britney Spears she has done nothing to you Timbaland you are in the f wrong mate no else,” tweeted on person. “After what #MuzzleTimbaland said about Britney. I really hope that other artists refuse to work with him. You can’t talk about women like that. #Timbaland needs his mouth sewn shut,” added another Twitter user. Timbaland royally stepped in it, and Twitter (we refuse to say X) digitally chin-checked his blatant disrespect of Britney Spears. The vitriol spewing towards the hitmaker is downright caustic, “HE’S TRASH!!!!!! EVERYTHING he’s recently produced has FLOPPED. At this point, him and Justin Just NEED to SIT DOWN and take their Ls. BRITNEY CAN SAY WHATEVER THE F–K SHE WANTS TO, PERIOD!!!!!!!!” wrote one person in all caps. “I am so tired of “men” thinking they can control or muzzle any woman. Who the fuck do they think they are? #Timbaland #JustinTimberlake Britney is finally getting to stand up for herself @jtimberlake took advantage of her & the situation and profited off of it… still does. POS.” Yo, Timbaland, think before you speak, my guy! “Remember Timbaland went on record and said he lusted after #Aaliyah but didn’t pursue a relationship with her because she was too young. So he married a woman who he says, looked just like Aaliyah,” shot back @His_Majesty13.” Dang, when you lack empathy, people will pull receipts. 

Mike Epps and his wifey Kyra Epps host a new HGTV show called “Buying Back The Block.” The couple intends to buy back Mike‘s childhood neighborhood and build “up the community…while giving super killer designs.” The show debuts this Wednesday, November 8th. Webbies, will you be watching?

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