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Woman Arrested for Attempting to Set Fire to MLK Jr.’s Birth Home | WATCH-it-Happen

*Some straight-up crazy ish went down in the ATL Thursday evening. A 26-year-old woman has been arrested on charges she attempted to set fire to the Atlanta birth home of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., according to authorities.

Around 5:45pm the female suspect was observed pouring gasoline on the city’s historic property at 501 Auburn Avenue. Fortunately, she was stopped by 2 off-duty NYPD officers who were visiting the home, according to a statement from the Atlanta Police Department.

APD officers responded to the scene and arrested the woman. She is being held on suspicion of criminal attempted arson and second-degree interference with government property, police revealed.

In a video obtained by 11Alive TV, what appears to be the woman standing on the porch of the home and pouring what appears to be gasoline on the house, can be seen. Also in the video, you can see what is believed to be the two off-duty NYPD officers detaining the woman until Atlanta Police arrive. Watch via the video below.

Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum added that the APD’s investigation revealed two other people – who were visiting Atlanta from Utah – had also seen the woman allegedly pouring gasoline on the porch of the home.

“There were quick action. Saved the jewel of our city, something very important to Atlanta,” Darin Schierbaum, the Atlanta Police Chief, said.

As of this posting, the suspect’s name or mugshot has been released. Additionally, no further details on the incident were provided.

MLK Jr.’s birth home was acquired for preservation by the National Park Service from the King family in 2018 and had been open for public tours through last month when it was closed for an “extensive renovation project” that is not expected to be completed until November of 2025.

MLK Jr's birth home suspect being detained by visiting NYPD officers - screenshot
Martin Luther King Jr birth home suspect being detained by visiting NYPD officers – screenshot

Thursday night, the King Center issued a statement saying that “an individual attempted to set fire to this historic property. Fortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful, thanks to the brave intervention of good Samaritans and the quick response of law enforcement.”

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