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White Male Student Charged with Felony After Racist Attack on Black Female Student | WATCH-it-Happen

end racism
End racism

*A white male high schooler in Kansas was charged with aggravated battery after he physically assaulted a fellow student and called her the N-word. 

The violent brawl occurred at Shawnee Mission East on Nov. 15 and was captured on cell phone video.  The footage shows a Black female, Brey’anna Brown, confronting a White female classmate about her use of the n-word, which she denied using — and that’s when the white boy popped off, The Daily Mail reports.

He tells the Black girl, “Shut the f**k up,” and when Brown responds, “Who said that?” the young racist says, “Me, Ni**a. Me.” Then, the male aggressor charges down the hall and pushes and punches Brown repeatedly. Both students were suspended because Brown hit him back, sparking student protests and a walkout on Monday morning (Nov. 27). 

The students walked out chanting, “How many more times,” “We want change,” and “Have our backs,” the Kansas City Star reported.

“This has been an ongoing issue with racism at East. There are multiple situations that have happened over and over again,” said senior Charlize Littlejohn, Atlanta Black Star reports. 

The student added, “I think we’re all just really tired of trying to get change, and it just not happening. We’re just exhausted. Trying to go to class. It really affects us.”

The Daily Mail reports that Brown, a sophomore, “was left with a broken nose after the assault,” the outlet writes.

The attacker has been charged with felony aggravated battery for punching Brown. The video shows Brown hit the white male back in self-defense, which prompted the school to suspend her for a week.

“I feel like outside of myself for doing what I did… I’m upset that I got suspended,” Brown told KSHB, per the Daily Mail.

“The thought in my head was either, I protect myself, or I run away from it or I get beat up, and I don’t know what else to do, so I chose to stand up for myselt.”

“I’m kinda scared to go back because I don’t know what to look forward to,” she added.

Meanwhile, District spokeswoman Kristin Babcock said, “We take incidents of racism and physical violence very seriously. We do have a code of conduct in place, and we follow our policies and procedures.”

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