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Lysol Marketed as Feminine Hygiene Product to Black Women


*For decades, Black women have used various vaginal products to maintain feminine hygiene, unaware that many of these douches stem from racist stereotypes about the odor of dark skin.  One of the most startling examples is Lysol, marketed as a feminine hygiene product from the 1920s to the 1960s. Advertised as a “gentle and trustworthy” […]

Marc Jacobs Celebrates Black Women in Nail Art Culture | Video

Marc Jacobs Shows Appreciation For Black Women

*Famed fashion designer Marc Jacobs credits Black women for his obsession with extravagant fake nails.  Jacobs, 61, recently took to social media to showcase his new colorful nail set featuring crystals and stones. In an Instagram video, he praised Black women for pioneering nail art culture. “I want to show some respect and love, appreciation and admiration, […]

New Lakers Coach JJ Redick Denies Calling a Black Woman the N-Word at Duke University

JJ Reddick at press conference

*Lakers coach JJ Redick has denied allegations of using the N-word toward a Black woman during his time as a student at Duke University. According to CNN, Redick, a former NBA shooting guard with no prior coaching experience, was introduced on Monday as the Los Angeles Lakers’ new head coach.  “I have zero coaching experience […]

Black Women Feel Unsafe Walking Alone at Night in Their Neighborhoods

athletes running on stairs stock photo

*Black American women don’t feel safe walking alone at night in their neighborhoods, according to a 2023 poll via the Gallup Center on Black Voices. The report states that in all racial and gender categories, Black women are the only group where less than half feel secure when walking alone. Moreover, if faced with an […]

Makeup Brand Faces Criticism for Introducing ‘Jet-Black’ Foundation Shade Amid Backlash

Golloria George

*Golloria George, a prominent creator known for her Black beauty content, criticized makeup company Youthforia for releasing a foundation shade that resembles black paint. She initially reviewed Youthforia’s Date Night Skin Tint Serum last year when the brand launched 15 shades. Golloria George criticized the collection for not matching her skin tone, echoing sentiments from […]

Doctor Fired for Attempting to Save Lives of Black Women | Video


*A Black male doctor posted a video on TikTok last year in which he gave Black women advice about the dangers of the healthcare system.  As MadameNoire reports, the user called @byallmeansnecessary2023 stated, “Sisters, if you are giving birth to a child or plan on giving birth to a child, don’t you take your a** […]

Donald Glover Shares Thoughts On Claims Of Holding Disdain For Black Women

Donald Glover / Getty

*Accusations of disdain Donald Glover holds for Black women have long been held over the entertainer, who is finally releasing his thoughts on the topic. In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Glover touched on a 2022 self-interview with Interview magazine, where he asked himself if he’s afraid of Black women. According to the “Mr. […]

Black Woman Sued Her Enslaver for Reparations in 1870 and Won | WATCH

Slaves - Slavery

*A Black woman named Henrietta Wood was born into slavery in Kentucky between 1818 and 1820. After being passed from one family to another, she ultimately sued one of her enslavers and won. As Business Insider reports, Wood was first enslaved with the Tousey family in Kentucky. She was sold about a decade later for […]