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White Guy Grant Condone Thinks Black People Are Dumb – Black British Women Accuse Chris Brown of Being A Colorist & More | Videos

Grant Condone
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*Social Heat wants all the smoke. Grant Condone, author, sales trainer, speaker, and real estate mogul fixed his thin crusty lips to express how he thinks Black people are dumb and says he has to speak in “nomenclature and street terms.” Hmm, sounds about whyte. Really dude, during Black History Month? White Americans have long held this erroneous racist thought that Black people are less intelligent, but they always seem to steal the things we make, which really doesn’t add up. Riddle me this, Batman, why do your people always steal the creativity and genius from a group you deem less intelligent y’all can’t make things up on your own, oh superior one?

Once again, everybody hates Chris Brown the “Go Crazy” singer is accused of disrespecting Black women. A group of Black women in London said they were denied entry into the VIP section because they were told ‘no Black girls allowed,’ but white girls were permitted to enter.

Then one of the British women seemed to backpedal on the comments she made about Chris Brown. She said one of the promoters personally invited her and her friends but they were all denied entering the VIP section. However, some commentators feel that CB is still responsible because he may have instructed security to determine the number of Black women allowed into the event.

CB took to social media and called the recent accusations cap. He posted pictures of his section declaring that Black Queens surrounded him. Yet, we had to check the receipts; many Black women had previously shared their experiences when they tried to engage in his events, and CB has often been labeled a colorist. What do you think? Is CB conducting the brown paper bag test, or are these women reaching?

Now, for the receipts/payoff, just scroll down a lil taste and ye shall receive.

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