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WATCH Video of Jay-Z’s Exhibition At Brooklyn Public Library – Ice Cube Rejected Jab and $9 Million Payout + More | VIDEOs

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JULY 13: Jay-Z attends The Book of HOV: A TRIBUTE EXHIBITION HONORING JAY-Z at Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library on July 13, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

*Webbies, it’s Wednesday, and we’re trying to motivate ourselves to finish work today, but we have to “go get the money.” Jay-Z‘s “The Book of Hov” at the Brooklyn Public Library is a big deal to many fans and admirers to see how the BK icon went from the Marcy Projects to one of hip hop’s most influential artists. We congratulate Mr. Shawn Corey Carter on his achievements; however, “I’mma let you finish,” but Jesus is the real Hov of all time, and His book is the only one we’re reading over here. We have a problematic time rocking with Jay-Z after that lyric he dropped in Empire State of Mind”Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church end, boi, whet?! (Scratches back of neck), umm the way our salvation is set up, yeah, we good on you.

Ice Cube (government name: O’Shea Jackson Sr.) is always about his paper, but even he knows not all money is good money. He spoke to Piers Morgan about refusing a $9 million movie deal because he declined the Covid-19 vaccination. “Your health is worth more than all the money in the world,” said the rapper and actor. “To me, it was an experimental drug, and they had no time to really see the long-term effects.” Lissen, Cube, we are giving you golfers clap for sticking to your guns; you dodged a bullet of epic proportions.

Man, comedian Trae Crowder‘s mouth got hands; check out how he broke it all the way down on how corporate greed is ruining society. Trae said these CEOs and executives of the major studios are the true welfare queens who are a bunch of do-nothings that sit back and eat the fruits of other people’s labor. One person posted, “Their “record profits” are our “unpaid wages.” “This world is one wicked place when runaway capitalism is untamed. But we have to give y’all the real, instead of running towards Hollywood and believing its lies, y’all should’ve trusted in the truth of the one true God (insert Druski‘s hands up GIF)!

Can someone please explain why yt people have such an aversion to using soap and water to cleanse their bodies daily? Why do they keep coming out with studies about the benefits of showering or bathing less? Why are they so nasty? One viewer said, “Let’s normalize NOT normalizing this behavior. So you’re going to have waste (sweat, urine, feces) come out of your body and have nastiness (pollution, dust, literal dirt) come on your body and look me in the eye and wait 2-3 days to wash up??? How hard is it to spend 5 minutes in a shower? Are you using wet wipes? Because that takes the same amount of time! Let the guilty derms show themselves. I want to see something ????” Another added, “This! Historically this is why a certain demographic of people have spread diseases. It’s their lack of proper hygiene practices. Many of them don’t wash their hands either. It’s pretty disgusting.” Watch Al Roker try to make sense of a study that says people should wash 2-3 a week. Are these people not watching the news? We are experiencing a record global heat wave, and everybody’s funk is Kung-Fu Fighting in these streets; y’all better be hitting that shower head hard!

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