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Video Captures Jamie Foxx On Boat … Fans Unconvinced – Producer Carl Jones Says ‘Boondocks’ Episode Inspired By Ex-Wife and Messy Boots Usher | VIDEOs

Jamie Foxx
LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 15: Jamie Foxx attends the “Creed III” European Premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square on February 15, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

*Good morning Webbies! Social Heat is giving you nothing but bar after bar with these stories tuhday! On Sunday, July 9, 2023, TMZ posted a video capturing Oscar winner Jamie Foxx sitting on top of a sizable boat on Sunday afternoon, cruising on the Chicago River, EURweb previously reported. After suffering a medical emergency on April 11, Jamie was admitted to a physical rehabilitation center and resided in the Windy City. Yet, even with the recent video, fans on Twitter remain suspicious about the actor’s health. One fan pointed out, “This is interesting. No one has made a statement about his health but he shows up on a boat perfectly fine? After a stroke?” Another added their concerns about the distance the video was taken of the actor, “So far away.. this man can wave from a boat but can’t get in front of a camera and let us know he’s okay… I’m glad he’s okay.. but come on now.. all the drama ..” With the upcoming release of his latest movie, “They Cloned Tyrone,” one fan speculated, “Why are they getting Jamie in such an ambiguous way? Why not have a video of Jamie getting in the car? The way the paparazzi been on this story for months it’s odd. Normal Jamie for DECADES has always spoke cause he’s not shy & is a freakin comedian. So idk it seems like this video wasn’t recent. I don’t trust his family.” Followed by a poster who also had the same question, “It’s suspect as hell! How hard is it to do a real-time interview to say something I mean anything! It’s so obvious someone is playing games. People will fall for anything.” Jamie undoubtedly will speak to the public when he is ready. In the meantime, we will continue to follow this story, but we are glad he is doing better.

Carl Jones sat down with Afrotech Live and spoke about how he was down bad regarding an incident with Usher and his ex-wife. He recalled having dinner at Mr. Chow’s with the “Boondock’s” show creator Aaron McGruder and his girlfriend to celebrate the show’s renewal for a second season. As the group discussed one episode about R. Kelly, Carl’s ex-wife aired her grievances about why they should not have created that storyline. However, in the middle of her tirade, Usher walks into the establishment, and her mood changes. Eventually, she makes her way to Usher’s table and calls her group to meet him. But the dagger in heart moment is when she introduces everyone but only introduces Carl by his first name and not as her husband. Man, Usher’s been violating happy homes for a minute, lol! Claudia Jordan joked, “Damn Usher making everyone wanna leave the one they with and start a new relationship.” But on the real, Usher is true to his words, especially when he sang with his whole chest, “Don’t leave ya girl round me, true playa fareal.” Fellas, you better take heed before you proceed!

Comedian Kev On Stage is creating chaos on Keke Palmer‘s internet by spoofing Darius Jackson‘s Twitter rant about Keke’s outfit she wore at Usher’s My Way Las Vegas Residency. Kevin posted numerous pictures of his wife, Melissa Fredericks, mockingly criticizing her tasteful, classy outfits and shows who the true villain is in the last slide. Check out his foolishness below.

Model Winnie Harlow attended Usher’s concert but remained seated in her man’s lap when the “There’s Goes My Baby” singer made his way to her section. Winnie said, “I don’t want no problems when I get home.” Since the Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson fallout, fans feel that ladies are more uptight while interacting with Usher, which kills the vibe of his performance. One person said, “So is this going to be the new thing now? All the girls acting uptight about a lil 20-second serenade?? Yal lames would have lost your minds in the Teddy Pendergrass era… here go all the girls limiting their fun to please lol boyfriends but these same men will be in a strip club getting serviced by workers. Guaranteed not one of these guys would turn down Beyonce in this moment to respect ur lil relationship.. I hate the generation.” Another commentator encouraged Usher to interact with fans more and leave the celebs alone, “….USHER, just go to the fans in the back ???? because the celebs are now ruining your performance for everyone at this point.” What do you think, Webbies?

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