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The Pulse of Entertainment: Raquel Belt Signs Deal with Vanguard, Hollywood Demand Increases

Dancer/actress Raquel Belt signs with Vanguard.
Actress/dancer Raquel Belt signs with Vanguard Affinity Group.

*“They do a lot more than I thought,” said actress/dancer/choreographer Raquel Belt about signing with the Vanguard management company. “I know a few actresses that have Vanguard.”

The Vanguard Affinity Group is a full-service management company with a variety of clients that range from actors/actresses, music producers, models, authors, and filmmakers, to even a basketball team! Belt is a Texas native who started out as a dancer and then went on to choreograph dance moves, and now she is into acting.

“Dancing is who I am,” Raquel told me when I asked about it. “I act with my entire body. I’ve been a dancer since I was four. I started teaching it in my teen years. I still teach and perform. But acting is now.”

Belt, who also models, said she has also performed in theatre and has been acting for six years. Her credits include Love and Drugs (2018), Love and Drugs (2020) and Love and Drugs 3: The Ultimate Sacrifice (2023), The Red Room Horror (2023), Older Man, Younger Woman (2023), and Knee Deep (2023).

“No role is too small,” she told me when we discussed how extra roles can become big scenes if done right. “I’m doing background on a couple of films. I want to be pushed…I love to play the villain…flirty roles. I focus on versatility to stay marketable. I just signed up for acting roles. I am excited about the range.”


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Raquel believes the Vanguard Affinity Group is what she needs at this point in her career.

“I was getting more recognized in the industry and getting so many offers,” Belt said about why she needs Vanguard. “I was looking for P.R., but when I did my research on them, I said great, this is what I’m looking for.”

She said not only does Vanguard do public relations, but by management services, such as looking over her contracts and so much more.

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