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Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden History Museum Dubbed Rented ‘Event Space’ by YouTuber | WATCH

Hidden History Museum
Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden History Museum

*The Hidden History Museum of Black Culture, which celebrates current and past historical Black figures, had a glitzy opening in March at its location in Los Angeles’ historically Black Leimert Park neighborhood. Celebrities, including Vivica Fox, were among the hundreds who attended the grand opening.

According to its founder, documentary film producer and New York Times best selling author Tariq Nasheed, the space holds artifacts featured in his Hidden Colors documentary series that seeks to explain what he claims is the marginalizing of people of African descent in America and across the world. Nasheed reportedly received $2 million in donations for the museum.

According to, Nasheed promised to “build” an impressive museum that was shown in an architectural drawing on his social media accounts. But YouTuber @RealNathanDaley was not impressed. The man, a “13-year-law enforcement veteran … here to provide an invaluable perspective to controversial current event topics especially those involving law enforcement,” according to his YouTube bio, filmed his visit to the venue and claimed it was nothing more than an “event space” with posters on the wall.

@RealNathanDaley commentates on his video tour of the Hidden History Museum in a YouTube video
YouTuber Nathan Daley narrates his video tour of the Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden History Museum in a YouTube video

“This is an event space,” said Daley, per “He could’ve told people that’s what he wanted to build and he could’ve really gotten the same, probably a little bit less money, but it would’ve been something that people pooled their money together to have.”

He added: “I just think it’s a slap in the face.”

Watch below:

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