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Tamron Hall Talks About Her Live-In Nanny and the Joy Raising of Her Son | PicsVideo

Tamron Hall & son asleep - Instagram
Tamron Hall & son asleep – Instagram

*Some people may want to avoid opening up about the type of nannies they have. But not Tamron Hall, who has not only revealed that she has a live-in nanny but also that the nanny is helping her to care for her 3-year-old son Moses.

In the latest digital issue of SheKnows, the 52-year-old talk show host discusses her nanny and son Moses. Hall says she made a “very conscious” decision to be open about her nanny.

“I’ve talked about the fact that our nanny lives with us,” Hall said. “It’s impossible to do it without her; my nearest family members are 2,000 miles away.”

She added, “I made a very conscious and deliberate decision to make sure people knew this about my life.

“I wasn’t going to pretend and I also felt that [to do so] was diminishing this great woman who chose a career to care for my son when I’m not able to be there,” she also said.

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Hall also talked about how her son is growing older and regretted that she is not always there to experience all the moments with him.

“I want to be there for every moment. If I could hide behind a cubby in his classroom…I just want to watch him every minute of the day,” Hall stated. “That’s the biggest challenge; having to work, not having enough time, and not being able to hide in his backpack every single second to watch my little bird grow.”

In May last year, she discussed with PEOPLE her tricky roles of being a mother and having a job. She said that although everything is not all figured out, she gives herself grace.

“I don’t know what balance feels like. I know what being present feels like,” Hall said. “So for me, some days I feel that I’ve succeeded and other days, of course, I feel like I’ve fallen short of where I want to be as a mom for Moses. But my goal every day is whatever time I have with him to be present, to be there, to put my phone away and give him that time.”

Tamron Hall combing son Moses' hair / via Instagram
Tamron Hall combing son Moses’ hair / via Instagram

She added that she was doing her best under the circumstances. According to her, she and other moms measure themselves against standards that aren’t real.

“Far too many moms have talked to me on the show about mom guilt and mom shame, which I’ve also felt. I’m a work in progress. I’ve felt those same feelings too,” she said. “But there’s such great advice and such great conversation that we can have with other moms every day to uplift rather than wallow in some of those difficult days. So for me, I don’t know what balance feels like. I just know what it feels like to try.”

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