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Styles P Says ‘Black People Paid More Attention’ Under Trump | Video

*Styles P is speaking out about why he didn’t vote in 2020 in a new interview with journalist Touré Neblett

The rapper also clarified his stance on Donald Trump when asked about rumors that he supported the former president in the 2020 election, Complex reports. 

“That definitely wasn’t true,” Styles P said in the YouTube clip above. “That’s funny. I support independent thinkers. I’m the guy who says, pardon my French, but f*ck the red side f*ck the blue side. They’re both different wings on one bird.” 

Despite his clear stance, the hip-hop star said he preferred Trump’s time in office over the Biden administration.

“If you ask me something, I did prefer when Trump was in office over Biden and I can tell you clearly why. Black people paid more attention to what was going on,” he stated.

As Complex reports, when Touré suggested that the Black community felt like they were “in crisis” during the Trump years, Styles P replied, “Yeah, we were in crisis now though… I’d rather have you tell me you don’t like me and know you don’t like me and you inform me than me have to guess it or you secretly don’t like me but you telling me you don’t like me.”

He added, “I think the government’s been doing that for ages,” he continued while clarifying that he doesn’t support Trump in any way. “I’d rather deal with clear racism—just someone being who they are and letting you know where they come from.”

The artist went on to say the country “sucked” under both Trump and Biden. 

“There’s times in the history of the country where we could see things needed to be changed. … I’m not fond of what the Democrats do. I’m not fond of what the Republicans do. I feel I don’t have the answers to it, but I feel there should be a better system at play,” Styles P said.



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