Sunday, June 23, 2024

Stephen A. Smith Back Pedals Comments About RiRi – Dissed MLK Monument’s Creator Says Deal with it + More | WATCH

Stephen A Smith (Getty)
Stephen A. Smith (Getty)

*Social Heat is pretty spicy. Stephen A. Smith backtracked the messy comments he made on the “Sherri” talk show about Rihanna‘s planned 2023 Super Bowl performance and also blamed the supposed gaffe on his social media management team. The Blacklash (we know the correct spelling, it stays) was fast and furious, with many thinking Jay-Z made a call on behalf of his cherished artist. Yo man, to quote the comedic laureate Katt Williams “You shouldn’t been talkin’ ish.” Next time Stephen do try to keep your comments classy and cute when speaking about bad gal Ri-Ri.

Courts awarded FloRida some major gaup giving him $82M in his lawsuit against Celsius drink based on his claim that the beverage company owed him back pay for his 2014 endorsement deal. Hey cuh, lemme hold fifty gs.

Governor Wes Moore and his wife, Dawn Moore, strolled to the governor’s mansion and then ended at the State House for his inauguration. They look like money and probably smell like success. Congrats, the state of Maryland is blessed to have you!

Hank Thomas, the artist we blamed, sorry, we mean, created the MLK Jr. “Embrace” statue is aware of the ire the monument raised in the Black community, but he pretty much said we all have to deal with it because he’s not changing not one dog gone thing. We know Hank is an artist and is sensitive about his ish, but brother Martin Luther King Jr. and sister Coretta Scott King deserve better.

Hit that scroll-down button and check it all below. 🙂

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