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Orlando Brown’s Attorneys Want Mental Evaluation Before Trial – Lyfe Jennings Robbed in Oakland & More | PicsVideos

Orlando Brown
Orlando Brown mugshot/ Credit: Twitter / Lima Police

*Social Heat got them stories you’re going to share in the group chat. Orlando Brown faces charges of aggravated menacing, a first-degree misdemeanor in Ohio. Orlando’s attorneys want him to undergo a mental evaluation before he stands for trial. Orlando could change his plea to his charges depending on the outcome of the assessment.

The Church Ladies are eating Aventer Gray up for praising Beyoncé and posting a picture of the Grammy winner on her IG. Aventer’s critics believe she should not be proud to pose with the singer who read a poem from her Lemonade album about how “she plugged her menses with pages from the Holy Book.” Well, truth be told, there’s no longer a line between the church and the world. Smh. We’re sure God is pleased.

Lyfe Jennings took to social media to report that someone jacked him in Oakland, California, and five-fingered his backpack filled with $120K worth of jewelry. Dang! My man, why would you be carrying such expensive equipment in Oakland? A fool and his money are indeed soon parted.

T.I. says he does not enable mediocrity and encourages young boys to seek better ways of earning money than begging him for his coins.

Check out T.I.’s words of wisdom below along with pic/videos.

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