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Michael B. Jordan Crashes His Ferrari Police Say He Wasn’t Impaired – Nicki Minaj, Monica and Keyshia Cole Link Up On IG | PicVIDEOs

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*Michael B. Jordan had an oopsie doopsie on Saturday and totaled his $350k blue Ferrari by crashing into a parked Kia around 11:30 PM in Hollywood. “The LAPD responded and found no signs of Michael being impaired by drugs or alcohol. Cops did not perform a field sobriety test,” reports TMZ. The “Black Panther” actor walked away from the accident without a scratch but did not explain the mishap.

Nicki Minaj hopped on Instagram Live with Monica and Keyshia Cole, sending the Barbz to Barbie heaven. The three friends goofed off and even tried to riff a song together. One person said, “Nicki remind me of the one kid who plays “school” with her friends, but she’s always the teacher. 😂😂😂 this video made me cackle ♥️.” We have a feeling they would be the ultimate girl group!

Twitter users said they could always count on the beige bandit Drake to follow the next It girl in the music industry. South African artist Tyla said on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” radio show she expected Drizzy to hit that follow button. “I knew Drake was going to follow me on Instagram, I was definitely waiting for it and he did follow me,” said the “Water” artist. Drake you clout chaser, you!

A young man named Derrick cheated on his girlfriend, and she returned the favor by cheating on him and garnished the relationship with a break-up. Derrick went to her home and tried to beg her to come back. He even tried enlisting his mother as his proxy to mitigate the tense circumstances. One person posted, “Please tell me this is a joke. Like I know it is, but I need to be sure cause that little tantrum was crazy 😂. BOI, stand up, LOL!!! Check out the video below, Webbies. Do you think his ex-bae should take him back?

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