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Jonathan Majors: Rolling Stone Says ‘Extreme Abuse’ Goes Back Decades

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*Jonathan Majors is not out of the woods regarding an abuse allegation from his ex-girlfriend.

The June 29 issue of Rolling Stone includes a three-month investigation into the actor’s past relationships with women and among fellow actors, following his March 25 arrest for allegedly abusing his former girlfriend. The 33-year-old has denied all allegations, but Rolling Stone reports of speaking with 40 people who witnessed Majors becoming either violent or abusive towards ex-girlfriends and classmates.

One schoolmate said Majors was “really gentleman-like and sweet, but then he could also be really cold, scary, and violent.”

Rolling Stone said that nine people witnessed Majors allegedly strangling a woman that he was dating, while also being mentally and emotionally abusive toward her. A second woman allegedly told friends that her relationship with Majors was “emotional torture.”

One woman said Majors wanted her to be submissive and allow him to control every aspect of their lives, including what and when to eat.

Rolling Stone also reported that Majors was aggressive with fellow actors, and that they were afraid of him. On the set of the upcoming film “Magazine Dreams,” Majors is accused of pushing one person and being physically intimidating while screaming at another person. His behavior led to at least one complaint to producers.

Rolling Stone also spoke to people who declined to comment on details because they signed a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA.

“No one is surprised that this is coming out,” one source told Rolling Stone. “It always felt like it was a matter of time because his behavior never changed. He’s kind of a bad dude, and now it’s just catching up with him.”

Majors’ legal team has denied all allegations in separate responses to Rolling Stone’s requests for comment. As part of their response, his attorneys sent six character witness statements from women who dated Majors or were close with him. The attorneys said they “provided statements from Mr. Majors’ actual past romantic partners attesting to his character and the falsity of the charges, but Rolling Stone purposefully ignored those facts and red flags and published the false charges anyway.”

However, Rolling Stone said that it did reach out to all six women for comment. Three said they never gave Majors’ legal team permission to release any statements. Another woman said the statement attributed to her was pre-written, not truthful, and that she had never approved of its release.

Only one woman consented to making her statement public. Haley Carter, who claims she dated Majors from age 13 to 18, described him as “sweet, kind and gentle,” in a statement provided to his attorneys in late March.

“After 20 years of knowing him, I can tell you who Jonathan is. He did not do these things,” read the statement. “He is exactly the opposite of what these allegations say. Jonathan is the most self-controlled, disciplined, well-mannered person I know. We all call him ‘the peacekeeper.’ He is not violent in any way.”

Upon graduation from Yale, Majors saw his career skyrocket, only to be tempered by tales of his erratic behavior on sets.

“I’ve heard of different Method actors and how their behavior is, but none of them are violent or rude toward their crew,” one production member told Rolling Stone. “[Majors] was completely disrespectful and kind of violent toward everybody… It put everyone on a stress level because we can’t do our job because we were afraid we were gonna get hurt.”

“At the end of the day, it’s just a job. You leave it at the door,” said another crew member. “You don’t terrorize people with your character.”

Majors is currently dating actress Meagan Good, who reportedly agreed to assist him restoring his public image.

His trial is scheduled to begin on August 3.

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