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Jidenna Admits How Manipulative He Was in Past Relationships – DomiNque Perry Issues Statement Clarifying Her PopCorn-Eating Meme & More| PicVIDEOs

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*We live in an era where people are having honest conversations and challenging old modes of thinking. Avant-garde rapper, singer, and actor Jidenna, government name Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, spoke the truth and shamed the devil. “The Classic Man” artist revealed how manipulative he was to the prior women he dated, and now Jidenna is committed to “work hard at love” as he’s worked in his career. You know what that is; it’s growth, and we love to see it!

An X user (rolls eyes at Twitter’s name change) re-posted a video from Darius Jackson displaying tons of red flags regarding his mental state. The social media poster captioned the video clip, “I thought this post was very sinister from Darius Jackson a month ago. Now to read the details of what Keke has been going thru w/ this ninja I wanna fight!” Watch the video below; it’s giving major creepy vibes.

“Insecure” cast member DomiNque Perry, the baby mother of Sarunas Jackson, stepped into the fray and issued a statement clarifying why she posted a popcorn-eating meme in response to Sarunas taking up for his brother Darius Jackson. The actor also defended his name by countering the claims made by Keke Palmer‘s mother, Sharon Palmer, who said Sarunas admitted to being abusive. Many fans took issue with DomiNque casual post, interpreting it as a dig at Keke Palmer‘s domestic dispute. Still, her response hints she also has experienced some mistreatment dealing with men, although she didn’t name Sarunas directly. If Webbies decide to scan her IG page, DomiNque has posted pictures of herself with Keke and a gaggle of other ladies in good spirits, further supporting her statement that she would never laugh at anyone in such a stressful situation. More details will likely emerge soon.

Lil’ Kim said her new book sales are surpassing the Bible. Her fans, who love Queen Bee dearly, said, “Aht, Aht slow your roll, you got too much dip on your chip,” believing her comparison to the Bible was out of line. One person brought the financial statements to the comment section, “Well here is what her numbers should 👀 like: 🤔 20 million bibles sold each year, 1.66 million bibles sold each month, 384,615 bibles sold per week, 54,945 bibles sold every day, 2,289 bibles sold per hour, 38 bibles sold per minute
🤦🏾‍♀️🫢🤯🤔💰.” Another added, “I love you so much @lilkimthequeenbee but auntie this ain’t something you flex out loud 💙.” One person went for the jugular and pointed out, “Girl what!? Your last album didn’t even sale 2,000 copies. I highly doubt a book would outsell the word of God😂. Take it easy, Kimberly Denise Jones; remember what happened to John Lennon when he started feeling himself and thought he was on par with the Almighty.

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