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Fantasia Says She was Racially Profiled and Put Out of A North Carolina Airbnb | WATCH

*With all that Fantasia Barrino’s got going on (think “The Color Purple” and a Golden Globe nom), she’s feeling some kind of way about an Airbnb situation that she’s framing a  “racial profiling” incident.

“My stomach is so uneasy this morning as I’m riding back to my home in the cold and rain,” Barrino wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “I don’t say much when people do me wrong, but I can’t stay quiet on how my family and I were just treated from a host with @Airbnb @airbnbhelp trying to kick my kids and I out at 12:00 midnight.”

The singer/actress confided that the host of the Mooresville, North Carolina Airbnb “accused” her of having a loud party “because they saw balloons being dropped off and a game truck with no generator in the early part of the day.”

“The amount of guests we reserved for are the amount of guests who stayed the night. They never said we weren’t allowed to have any company over!” she added.


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Via an Instagram video, she explained that she was contacted by the property owner around 11:30 p.m., hours after the kids were put to bed, for multiple noise complaints. That’s when the singer says they were asked to leave the home.

“It’s evident to me this was racial profiling and the treatment we received was due to the color of our skin,” Fntasia’s post noted. “I wanted my son to enjoy his friends (10-12) and make him feel special as I have been traveling for the last 35+ days promoting a movie I starred in. This time, I dare not stay quiet.”

She observed that the home’s game room and amenities made it appear like guests often had parties and held large gatherings on site. Even though she was told to vacate at midnight, Fantasia later clarified that she and the kids left at 6am on Sunday.

“So, at 6a, in the freezing rain, with sleepy kids, we loaded up 4 vehicles, respectfully cleaned and organized everything back to its original place and we left,” an Instagram post reads. “Logistically, some of the children had to be immediately taken home, with one stating they didn’t want to go home. I didn’t deserve to look or feel like I let my son and the other kids down.”


If it matters, Airbnb did respond to her post on X with the usual pablum/cookie-cutter response saying the company does not condone discrimination “in any way.”

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