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Don’t Be 12 Years A Slave in An Uncommitted Relationship – The Journal Of Steffanie Rivers | WATCH

*Relationships are like job interviews: If you ask the right questions and you’re honest about the answers, it doesn’t take long for you to determine if you want to move to the next level in that situation. Yes, we’re talking about uncommitted relationships today.

Or if you want to keep searching for someone else to fill the position. 

If you wanted to get married, but the person you were in a relationship with didn’t want to get married, how long would you wait before walking away?

It doesn’t take long for two people to know whether or not their union is built to last. So why did Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds date for 12 years only to break up?

Steffanie Rivers talks uncommitted relationships
Steffanie Rivers

Most people know within a year – no more than two – if that person they are with is ‘the one,’ or if they are not. It doesn’t take 12 years or 10. Or even 5. Why did Sanders and Edmonds wait so long to call it quits, when they should have known it wasn’t meant to be years earlier? Let’s talk about uncommitted relationships. Click the video above for more details.

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Email her at [email protected] with your comments, questions, and speaking inquiries. Follow her @tcbstef on Instagram, Threads, and Twitter.

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