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Columbus Short on the Vengeful Reason He Named His Son After Denzel Washington

Columbus Short - Getty
Columbus Short – Getty

*Columbus Short has an interesting, if not disturbing reason for naming his son after Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington.

The “Stomp the Yard” star recently spoke of his audition for the lead role of Henry Lowe in the 2007 film “The Great Debaters” and said he had an encounter with the film’s star, Washington, that left him feeling emasculated.

In an episode of the “Moguls In The Making” podcast, Short said during the audition he had to act in a scene with Washington before a room full of studio executives. He said Washington’s actions toward him during the scene left him questioning the method in which he weeded out subpar talent.

Nate Parker was ultimately cast in the part, and Short went on to star in other high-profile films, including “Armored” with Laurence Fishburne. But Short never forgot the experience of that audition with Washington. Short recalled how Fishburne acted as a mentor for him while on set, and wished Washington would have done the same.

Instead, Short said Washington suffered a bruised ego that bled into his personal life.

“My son’s name is Denzel. Denzel, he kept little n**ga’ing me, like, he kept making me feel like a little n**ga,” said Short about their early-2000s encounter.

“He kept doing that to me, so finally I was like, boom, and I’m just truncating the story, but when my son was about to be born, I was like, my wife was like, ‘What are we naming our son?’ I was like Denzel. ‘Cause why? ‘Cause now he’s my little n**ga,” he explained.

In Short’s 2020 autobiography, “Short Stories,” the actor said that he also named his son Denzel out of admiration for Washington.

“The truth is, he remains to be my favorite actor, period. He is brilliant in all his choices on screen, and after years of seeking his validation of my existence in the business, I am finally at peace with it all and still would jump at the chance to share the screen with him. My son carries my hero’s name; he’s destined for greatness,” Short wrote.

Below, a clip from “The Great Debaters” with star Nate Parker:

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