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Cardi B Lets Loose on Offset in Tearful Rant: ‘You Been Doin’ Me Dirty’ | WATCH

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Cardi B and Offset
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*It appears all is not well with Cardi B. That’s probably not a surprise when you consider that she recently confirmed that she and her estranged husband, Offset, the Migos rapper, had split up … again.

Things came to a head on Friday (12-15-23) when the “WAP” rapper broke down in tears on Instagram Live while talking about Offset who was seen partying with Instagram model London Perry.

Thursday night Offset celebrated his 32nd birthday at CoCo Miami Lounge in Miami. His special guest was, yep – you guessed it – London Perry.

During Cardi’s IG Live session, she didn’t show her face, but she didn’t have a problem speaking her mind and sharing her pain.

“A m***a f**ka will play in your f**king face, over and over again, until you be like watch what I’m about to do, watch what I’m about to say. This m***a f**ka really like to play games with me when I’m at my most vulnerable time. When I’m not the most confident,” she admitted.

Cardi B and Offset
Cardi B and Offset

“He like to play games with me ’cause he knows I’m not an easy girl,” she continued. “He knows, yesterday, I could have been out, I could have been chilling, I could have been doing this and that. He knows I’m in my house. He knows that I’m chilling. He knows I’m not doing the most.”

“You been f**king feeling yourself you b***h a** n—- because of your b***h a** album and sh*t and you really been f**king dong me doing me dirty,” she said before crying. “After so many f**king years that I m***a f**kn helped your a**, not even a f**king thank you that I got from your b***h a**.”

Cardi wrapped up by saying that took their business to the internet  because, “whenever I f**king tell you something, you don’t take s**t seriously.”

Watch Cardi’s IG Live session:


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As you can imagine, folks online had their thoughts about the situation. Here’s what comments on Lipstick Alley to say about the situation:

Tweet Tomlin: “I’ll believe she’s done with him when she files for divorce, sees it through and shows up with a new man. Until then, I’m just going to assume they’ll be back together by Christmas Day.”

Jasmine Bay: I’m not a Cardi fan but….if there’s anything I learned is to NEVER let men know they did you dirty. Anytime I cussed out a guy, posted subliminals or sent him long novel paragraphs explaining how he hurt me….all he did was either laugh, say “Ok” or tell me “you’re cute when you’re angry”.

Don’t post angry tweets about a man who did you wrong. They are laughing with zero remorse. I already knew the “divorce” was due to something recent. Offset going on Twitter saying he never slept with Chrisean was clearly suspect. He could’ve avoided the whole thing. But he is a calculating narcissist. “Men” like Offset are sadists who get pleasure from women being in pain

Longhorn Vicky: She couldn’t just text this to him. I don’t get going on social media to bash your on/off-again husband. Next week they will be back together like nothing happened.

Offset celebrated his 32nd birthday with London Perry, Check her out via her Instagram:


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Wait. There’s more. Check out what some video bloggers are saying about the messiness:

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