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‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Star Brandi Mallory Found Dead in Her Car – HEAR 911 Caller Tell Dispatcher: ‘I Don’t Do Dead People’

Brandi Mallory - Instagram
Brandi Mallory – Instagram

*If you haven’t heard, “Extreme Weight Loss” star Brandi Mallory was found dead in her car in a parking lot after she picked up food from Chipotle in Stone Mountain, Georgia, near Atlanta.

The owner of a deli store nearby said he saw what he thought was a woman (Mallory) sleeping in a car and didn’t think much of it. ‘However, several hours later police were alerted and a deceased Mallory was found inside the vehicle.

In a related twist to the story, the person who called 911 to notify authorities, told dispatchers he wasn’t going near the vehicle because, basically, dead people were not something he could handle.

In the 911 call (below) obtained by TMZ you hear the dispatcher ask the caller if he’s with Mallory to which he quickly replies, reply, “Nooo, she’s in her car. I don’t do dead people.”

Mallory was last seen alive via surveillance footage that showed her arriving at the lot a few minutes before 6pm on November 8. She got her food from Chipotle and returned to her vehicle, but never left.

Even though Mallory’s death is currently being investigated, so far authorities have found no signs of foul play.  And just in case you may wondering if perhaps her meal had something to do with her death, Chipotle is no doubt breathing a sigh of relief that there’s no evidence of that.

Mallory, who worked as a makeup artist, appeared on Extreme Weight Loss in 2014, which followed her as she competed in a Half Ironman, which included biking, swimming, and running, in less than eight hours.

It was in 2014 that Brandi Mallory, a makeup artist, appeared on ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss.” She was seen competing in a Half Ironman, which included biking, swimming, and running, in less than eight hours, notes TV Insider.

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