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50 Cent Rants Father’s Day is Not A Real Holiday – Fans Diss Brian McKnight and More | PicsVideos

50 Cent at the Starz "BMF" season 2 premiere

*Webbies, it’s Juneteenth; how are we celebrating? If you’re heading outside, check out these Social Heat stories. 50 Cent went on a rant saying Father’s Day is not a real holiday and got into his feelings on how advertisements commemorate the day for fathers. He compared how we see commercials for jewelry from Zales on Mother’s Day, but on Father’s Day, we see ads for tools. One IG user said, “Well, maybe if you had a strong connection with your children, they’ll do strong connection s*** for you.” You get what you put in, star!

A meme is floating around saying that if we don’t have Juneteenth off today, our company is racist. Mmmm, well, we work for a Black-owned media company, so we are definitely conflicted, lol!

Fans wished Dads everywhere a Happy Father’s Day except Brian McKnight, ooh, just savage! However, one fan did come to his defense, “He NEVER hit his wife OR them kids tho! ???????????????? He cheated on her and they got divorced. BEFORE the divorce he was a model Dad, AFTERWARDS the kids picked a side. As ADULTS he paid for his son’s place to live and have their money…but said he would only do it for TWO YEARS since they didn’t want to work or go to school. They went them two years like it was a joke and he followed thru and cut them off. They threatened his and his new family’s life AND broke into and burglarized his house…marking X’s on every picture in the house. Only after THAT did he disown them! The daughter was younger but was also being raised to hate her Dad. He paid for her to go to school AND expenses as well…but his relationship with his ex dictated how he and his daughter got along. End of story. He didn’t abuse OR abandon anybody OR abuse them. This is what happens when a family feuds. Even after the threats, he said if ANY of his children just apologized and asked for help they would be forgiven…but people CHOOSE to run with those disrespectful ass kids’ stories. It’s for THAT reason he called his stepkids that actually SEE HIM AS THEIR FATHER his “true legacies” because the blood kids ain’t feeling him for PURELY FINANCIAL REASONS!” What do you think? Should we cut Brian some slack?

Below, check out how some celeb Dads celebrated their special day!


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