Thursday, June 13, 2024

Mel B’s Ex-Husband Gets Emergency Hearing Over Her Drinking & Lack of Care for Their Daughter | VIDEO

*Stephen Belafonte, the ex-husband of singer Mel B, has hurried to court and pleaded for an emergency hearing concerning Madison, the 11-year-old daughter he shares with the “Spice Girl” star. reported that the concerned ex rushed to court to request the hearing to discuss his ex-wife’s alleged drinking and “bizarre behavior.”

He wants the court to give an order where their daughter Madison can be entitled to her own private phone and privacy so that she can always call him without Mel nearby. He also wants an order that Phoenix – Mel’s other daughter – be restrained from accessing Madison’s phone.

But that’s not enough: Stephen also wants yet another court order to prohibit Mel from being drunk, be it from alcohol or other substance “which substantially impairs her ability to care for Madison” for the whole duration Madison will be under her custody.

Stephen has alleged in the court filing that in many of their shared daughter’s communications with her mother, Mel B is demonstrably intoxicated, slurring her speech and speaking in the distinct manner in which [Mel] speaks when intoxicated.” He further adds that “This has gotten to the point where Madison has felt the need to call [Mel] out.”

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There is also the issue of Mel exposing or presenting herself naked in their daughter’s presence. The father wants another court order to keep Mel from doing this, “including but not limited to, entering Madison’s bathtub, walking around her without underwear, or attempting to sleep in the same bed naked with Madison.”

Stephen then related an incident in Nov 2022 that he claims he was told by Madison.

“[Mel] inappropriately entered Madison’s bathtub naked and, on several occasions, ‘cuddled’ naked with Madison, ‘spooning’ her, in the same bed [Mel] shares with her partner. Putting aside the unexplained nature of [Mel’s] conduct and the need for further inquiry into Madison’s concerns.”

“When Madison complained before about [Mel’s] habit of working around the home with no underwear, and with her privates exposed, [Mel] reacted by laughing and continued to do so,” Stephen narrated. He further claimed in the court papers that their daughter is at a “breaking point” with her mother’s “bizarre behavior.”

He also said Madison “is in a state of panic and utter refusal to see her mother.” Stephen further revealed that their daughter is set to visit Mel in the UK, so he wants the court to enforce the specific rules he has outlined, such as a private cell phone.

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