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Cops Suspect Master P’s Daughter Tytyana Died from Fatal Overdose – He Vows To Help Others Battling Addiction

Master P and Tytyana Miller
Master P and daughter Tytyana Miller – Via Instagram

*The family of Master P (Percy Miller) is in mourning following the death of his daughter Tytyana Miller, as the police work to figure out precisely what caused her death. Initial reports point to overdose as the cause. According to a report by TMZ, law enforcement sources say they found drug paraphernalia at the scene of her death, and they suspect it might have killed her.

However, they found no substances present on the scene. The autopsy is said to be completed, but it will take several weeks for toxicology results. Fentanyl has been identified by some reports as a silent killer in several OD deaths. While it has not been identified as the cause of this particular death, LAPD investigators are said to be prepared to go into overdrive to find who supplied Tytyana with it, should toxicology point at it.

Master P announced the death of his daughter Tytyana over the holiday weekend. Speaking to TMZ, he said the family needs the truth to heal and grow from this devastating news. Tytyana, 29, was one of his 4 daughters.

“The only way that we are going to heal and grow from this is with the truth. It has been a long and painful journey for our family, my daughter has been battling with this since 2015. Mental illness and substance abuse is a real issue and we hope to turn this tragedy into a testimony,” he quipped.

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Master P added that as a father he has always established parameters to protect his children.

“Unfortunately, when they become adults, they have the legal right to choose whom to have relationships with, whether healthy or unhealthy,” he explained.

Master P is not just concentrating on mourning his daughter: he is sympathetic with other families dealing with a similar situation.

“I put my faith and trust in God, I realize that no person is exempt from pain or death,” he said. “Everyday families are dealing with the loss of their loved ones due to mental illness and substance abuse. I have committed to invest my time, resources and passion to help other families affected by these same issues. Our healing process will not end in grief, we will celebrate my daughter’s life. Tytyana was inspiring, uplifting, artistic and a loving person who deeply cared for others.”

Romeo Miller, Tytyana’s brother, also shared a heartfelt message about his sister. He posted, “We appreciate all of the prayers, love, and support, and although this is sad times, I’m forever grateful for the memories I did have with my amazing sister.”

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