Monday, September 26, 2022

Idris Elba Speaks His Mind About the Black British Actor Vs Black American Actor Debate | WATCH

Idris Elba - screenshot
Idris Elba – screenshot

*Idris Elba is fed up with the new debate on Black British Actors being cast in American roles. Reports state that the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” features actress Naomi Ackie playing the late legendary singer.

This casting brought back the debate over Black British actors taking roles away from Black American actors.

In a recent interview, actor Idris Elba went against the claim that Black British actors are taking roles away from African American actors.

Idris Elba said: “You know what I noticed? You said Black women in America versus an English woman.”

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Idris Elba - screenshot
Idris Elba – screenshot

The 49-year-old continued:

“Like being English makes you less Black? To me, that defines how unintelligent the argument is. No disrespect to anyone who has that feeling, it is what it is.”

The London native added:

“The fact is: we’re all Black. You get a Scottish actor playing an Irish character or an English actor — you don’t hear about a debate. But amongst ourselves we want to point fingers because we come from a conditioning that makes people just make sure ‘where’re you from?’ and ‘are you authentic from where you’re from? How Black are you…?


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Wait. There’s more …

Watch the full episode below.

Oh yeah, the convo about Black British/American actors comes up at approximately the 22:00 minute mark. Enjoy!




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