Thursday, October 6, 2022

Courtney Clenney: Only Fans Model Charged in Stabbing of Boyfriend Christian ‘Toby’ Obumseli

Courtney Clenney & Christian Toby Obumseli / Instagram
Courtney Clenney & Christian Toby Obumseli / Instagram

*OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney was just arrested and is being charged with murder in the fatal stabbing of her Nigerian-American boyfriend, Christian “Toby” Obumseli, aka Tobechukwu Obumseli.

Breaking reports say that the 26-year-old model, who goes by Courtney Tailor on social media, was taken into custody on Wednesday in Hawaii, while in rehabilitation for substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. She will be extradited to Miami-Dade County to eventually stand trial for second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.

Clenney’s arrest comes after a four-month investigation by Miami PD and prosecutors. If you recall earlier this year, Clenney was accused of murdering her boyfriend in their Miami apartment on April 3 after a domestic dispute.

Clenney insisted she was acting in self-defense, but Obumseli’s relatives never believed her and demanded an investigation.

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Wait. There’s more …

Frank Prieto, Clenney’s defense attorney, confirmed the charges and said his client had been at a Hawaiian rehab facility for PTSD, reports The Daily Beast. The lawyer added that they are “disappointed that the State Attorney sought an arrest warrant” and noted that his client has “cooperated with the investigation from the beginning.”

“We are completely shocked at Courtney’s arrest based upon the clear evidence of self-defense in this matter,” Prieto said. “Obumseli attacked her and choked her that evening; Courtney had no choice but to meet force with force.”

“We will vigorously defend Courtney and clear her of this unfounded and baseless charge,” Attorney Prieto added.

Christian 'Toby' Obumseli - GoFundMe
Christian ‘Toby’ Obumseli – GoFundMe

In a GoFundMe campaign, Obumseli’s family said the “unconscionable” tragedy occurred just a week before his 28th birthday—and it is hard to believe “someone’s selfish act ripped Christian away from this world.”

Describing Obumseli as an “extremely compassionate” person with an “infectious smile that could light up any room” the family added that they were seeking justice for the “heinous act of violence.” The family did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

“It is not enough to say we are shocked and hurting—We are utterly devastated,” the family said in the online campaign. “His murder leaves many unanswered questions and creates a void that can never be fixed or filled. Not even with time.”




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