Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Michael K. Williams’ Was Too Heavy On Cocaine When He First Shook Barack Obama’s Hand

Michael K Williams and new book (Scenes from My Life) - Getty
Michael K Williams and new book (Scenes from My Life) – Getty

*Michael K. Williams binged on cocaine for three days prior to meeting Barack Obama for the first time, according to an excerpt from his posthumously novel “Scenes from My Life.”

“The Wire” actor died last September at 54. The post-mortem indicated he died of a laced drug overdose. For years, he openly talked about his drug addiction; his upcoming book will shed more light on how challenging his drug battle was.

In the memoir, Williams recalled when he was invited to meet Obama (who was a senator at the time) in 2008. The venue was in Pennsylvania. Obama, a Chicago native, happened to be a big fan of Williams’ performance on “The Wire,” and that’s one reason Williams was invited to the senator’s town hall meeting during the 2008 presidential campaign.

The “Lovecraft Country” star writes that he was shocked the senator knew him, and then he felt shame by his own “cluelessness.” He writes: “Wait, who’s this guy again? I was embarrassed how checked out I was about issues affecting my country.”

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Williams further explains that he was “mentally” checked out of the meeting because of a prior cocaine binge.

“I’d just come off a three-day cocaine bender and was whacked out of my mind….I couldn’t even put my words together. I was such a mess. Obama shook my hand, and I could see it in his eyes. He was like: I don’t got time for this. He kept it moving. I was not in my right mind. I told people I was nervous but actually I had lockjaw from too much cocaine.”

Although the meeting didn’t live up to the expectations, Williams at least got to learn something from the “embarrassing” moment.

Before he passed away, the New York native visited schools and spoke to students about the trials and hardships of life and how to persevere.

Furthermore, he became a mentor to his nephew and founded a nonprofit called “Making Kids Win” to help provide more opportunities to teens in Brooklyn.

Williams also had achievements in his career. Just months before his death, he was nominated for an Emmy for his performance in “Lovecaft Country.”

Williams’ memoir “Scenes from My Life” will be released next month.




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