Tuesday, August 9, 2022

​​​​’Belle Collective’ Cast Talk Leveling Up In Season 2: ‘New Everything’ | EUR Exclusive Video


*OWN’s fan favorite “Belle Collective” is officially back and this time, there are new belles in town.

With season one premiering in 2020, the Belle’s are back stronger than ever two years later. Original cast members Lateshia, Latrice, Tambra, and Marie have returned for the second go-round while newcomers Sophia and Aikisha are joining in on the fun. 

Check the teaser of what to expect this season via the YouTube clip below.

All six Belle’s share with EURWeb.com what to expect from them moving forward with season two. 

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Latrice says viewers will get to know her a little better this season as she’s opening up more than before.

“This season what we have is of course me being more personable,” Latrice said. “I let the viewers into my life a little bit more. You get the family dynamic, the business dynamic when naturally this is something that I wouldn’t even have on the table.”

As far as why she decided to share more of herself this season, Latrice says it was due to responses she received from season one. 

“Starting from last season, I had so many people reaching out to me, telling me my story inspired them,” Latrice said. “Me just building relationships with the audience, the fans, just wanting to help them more, I knew that I could give more.” 

Lateshia shared that finding self-love helped her grow in season two. 

“I am more focused on self-love,” Lateshia said. “Doing things that feel right to me. Just really loving myself wholeheartedly and really walking in what I teach other people to do.”

Newcomers Sophia and Aikisha, also shared their excitement to join the series.

“It was very exciting,” Sophia said. “Meeting the ladies, actually learning about their business, connecting with them, actually building a relationship with them or a better relationship with them because I knew some of them. It was revealing. I enjoyed working with them, we had a blast, even though we went through our little catty little moments, but I had a blast working with them.”

Joining the Belle’s also means returning home for Aikisha. 

“You can expect the excitement of me being back home,” Aikisha said. “Just trying to get into this circle of Belle’s, trying to break in and find my way in. I’m coming to rock the Belle’s.”

Season two of “Belle Collective” premiered on July 29th and airs weekly, Friday nights, on OWN. Check out our full exclusive conversation with the ladies below to hear them dish on all the action in the coming weeks.






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