Saturday, October 1, 2022

LA Hosts Attorney Benjamin Crump Equal Justice Now Awards | EURexclusiveWATCH

*“The Equal Justice Now Awards is all about trying to respect the humanity in all of our citizens.” – Crump

The 2nd annual Attorney Benjamin Crump Equal Justice Now Awards brought out many of Hollywood’s activists to support Benjamin Crump’s movement and to shine a light on those being honored.

In attendance were some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Crump himself, Roland Martin, Miles Brown, Angela Rye, Darius McCrary, Edwina Findley, John Salley, and Loni Love who hosted the event.

Of those on the guest list, some made sacrifices switching around their schedule to be there in support of Crump.

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Edwina Findley
Edwina Findley at The 2nd Annual Attorney Benjamin Crump Equal Justice Now Awards

“I literally changed my schedule to be here tonight,” Findley said. “It was Attorney Crump that helped my nephew face the police after being brutalized in Atlanta. He and two other students from Morehouse and Spellman were brutalized by the police in 2020 and honestly, he [Crump] came to the rescue so I’m really grateful for him and the work he’s doing.”

Many of the night’s honorees included: Rye, Martin, Stix, Mario Van Peebles, and his father, the late Melvin Van Peebles.

“Here’s what we know, our country is in a crisis. We’ve said that lots of times,” Rye said. “Ben’s work is critically important. I’m happy to be able to stand in solidarity with that work and I’m grateful for the honor tonight.”

Commentator/Activist Angela Rye
Commentator/Activist Angela Rye at The 2nd Annual Attorney Benjamin Crump Equal Justice Now Awards

McCrary, who is gearing up to launch a political podcast, also showed up and shared his current action on a fight for change.

“Injustice anywhere, is injustice everywhere, to all of us,” McCrary said. “We’re actually launching a podcast, on Juneteenth, called “I’m Not Laughing,” my cohosts is my television sister Kellie Williams and Jenny Babas who is an amazing influencer. It’s called “I’m Not Laughing” because we’ve been laughing at shit way too long. That is not funny. It’s time for us to stop laughing and start doing something about it. It’s been said that if you don’t laugh, sometimes you might find yourself crying. It’s been a whole lot of tears lately.”

Darius McCrary
Darius McCrary at The 2nd Annual Attorney Benjamin Crump Equal Justice Now Awards

Attorney Crump has put in groundbreaking work, fighting for equal rights and social justice, including cases like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd.

“There’s a documentary coming out at Netflix, [they] followed me for the past two years,” Crump said. “What it really demonstrates is we can have a new future of justice where brothers and sisters won’t be marginalized and that’s what Equal Justice Now is about. Trying to say that the constitutional promise is for every American whether Black, brown, red or white. Every American matters.”

“It’s not these big grand things that make the difference, the small things like making sure you go vote,” Crump said. “Not just for the President but you vote for whose going to be the district attorney, who is going to be the mayor, the police chief, who’s going to be the superintendent, all those things are going to impact our children – far more then whose sitting in the White House – in your own local community. And my God, when you get the jury notice, please go serve on jury duty. So you can give Justice to Trayvon, or Breonna or Ahmaud Arbery, or George Floyd. You can make all the difference doing your little part.”




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