Saturday, July 2, 2022

Now She’s Talking – Patrisse Cullors Discusses the BLM House and Other Matters | WATCH

Jason Lee & Patrisse Cullors (screenshot)
Jason Lee & Patrisse Cullors (screenshot)

*“Does anyone know HOW to protect Black women in this current social climate?” That’s the question you may find yourself haunted by after watching the latest interview between Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee.

During the exclusive sit-down Cullors, who has been the target of increasing scrutiny over the last couple of years, seems at ease while sitting on the couch with Lee and wastes no time explaining why she specifically chose to speak to him above anyone else.

“I love how you talk to Black people,” she began, going on to explain that as a queer woman, she felt it would be powerful to sit with someone who also understood the intersections of being both Black and gay.

“I need to sit with family. And it felt very important for me because while many folks know that I’m also queer that’s not the thing that gets sort of propagated.  I just felt like you would understand how to have this conversation in a nuanced way.”

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Patrisse Cullors - screenshot
Patrisse Cullors – screenshot

And to her point, the conversation was indeed nuanced and at times incredibly jarring as the two unpacked not only the origin story of how Cullors, Alicia Garza & Opal Tometi all founded BLM, but also the incredibly common pitfalls that stopped them from controlling their narrative more effectively.

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