Sunday, October 2, 2022

Parents of Teen Who Died At ICON Park File Suit – Claiming Wrongful Death

Tyre Sampson (Getty compopsite)
Tyre Sampson (Getty composite)

*The parents of Tyre Sampson — the teenager who fell to his death at a ride in Florida — now claim the 14-year-old should not have been allowed to get on board the “Free Fall” ride in the first place. Nekia Dodd and Yarnell Sampson have filed a wrongful death suit against ICON Park, via attorneys Michael Haggard (the managing partner of Harrard Law Firm) and Ben Crump.

The suit is also against ICON Park’s pertinent associates and the operators of the free-fall ride itself. The parents claim negligence caused their son’s death, reports TMZ. According to the lawsuit details, the parents allege the park had height and weight restrictions that their son violated because he never saw the signs or the staff at the site never pointed out these. The parents say there were no signs to guide people and nobody working there said anything either, hence Tyre Sampson got in on the assumption all was safe.

“You didn’t want to miss a dollar. But you stripped me of my son. So yeah, it’s disgusting,” Dodd said at a press conference, sitting with the lawyers.

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Moreover, they claim the ride itself wasn’t safe enough, compared to other similar rides; that free-fall types of the same nature are usually protected against with a seatbelt as well, apart from the shoulder harness. They insist that is the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) the ICON Park didn’t abide by, for the ride didn’t have a seatbelt and they believe this contributed to their son being ejected from his seat before plummeting to the ground.

“If it [seatbelt] would have been employed as a secondary restraint, Tyre Sampson would not have fallen to his death,” Haggard, the family attorney, said at a press conference.

As was reported, Tyre fell from a 100-foot height and died. The parents also claim strict liability against some of the defendants, apart from negligence. They ask for damages and a jury trial before a judge.




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