Monday, July 4, 2022

Deon Taylor Directs ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season Finale | WATCH

*A prolific writer, self-taught filmmaker, director, and idea generator, Deon Taylor is the founder of the independent film production company, Hidden Empire Film Group.

Most recently Taylor released two films in the troubled Covid-19 landscape to great success. The first being in 2020 through Lionsgate – the taut thriller “Fatale,” starring two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank and Golden Globe nominee Michael Ealy. In June of 2021, he released a sequel to his cult classic comedy franchise, “The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2.”

Now he can add “Power Book IV: Force” under his belt. Taylor directed the highly anticipated season finale of the hit show.

EUR spoke with Taylor about his experience directing, what inspires him and what is next for him.

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 Power Book IV: Force (2022)
Power Book IV: Force (2022)

Taylor said his experience on set “was phenomenal. Being a fan of “Power” and watching it for the last few years, never thinking you would get the call to be a part of that family or that team, let alone getting a call to come shoot the finale, was phenomenal. This is crazy. Just being a fan of something and then being able to partake in it, is kind of why you do this.”

Creating and directing are passions of Taylor’s and he continues to use his talents to bring stories to life.

“The difference [between directing film versus directing television] is big. Film gives you a little bit more liberty and freedom in terms of building out things, working with actors and building out storylines. Film is like you have one canvas and you are painting there. Television is different because it’s locked in. Everyone is already doing something. There is a storyline from episode one, season one,” said Taylor.

What can he do differently? How can he put his stamp on a project and do something expressive?  The answer…he does, what he does and it’s reflected in his work. It reflects in his movies and now it is reflected on the season finale of “Power Book IV: Force.”

“Power Book IV: Force” season finale airs April 17th on Starz.




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