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Black Women Don’t Feel Safe In America, According to BLK Dating App

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*The largest dating app for Black singles called BLK recently conducted an in-app survey on whether or not Gen Z/Young Millennial Black women feel safe dating online, and some readers may find the results surprising. 

Here’s a breakdown of the results via MSN citing BLK Survey: Dating as a Black Woman:

  • 78% of respondents ages of 18-34 don’t feel safe as a Black woman in America
  • 34% of respondents ages 18-34 don’t feel safe on mainstream dating apps
  • 67% of respondents feel safer dating on BLK
  • 64% of respondents don’t feel safe as a Black woman in America*
  • 29% of respondents don’t feel safe dating on mainstream dating apps*

Per the survey, “64% Of Respondents Don’t Feel Safe As A Black Woman In America.”

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Per the report, one respondent wrote, “Black women are more likely to be victims of certain crimes overall. Being a Black woman means I’m at risk of both overt and subtle racial discrimination, micro-aggressions, wage discrimination, and more—so feeling safe is relative to all that.” – Andrea / Texarkana, TX

“Black women are the least protected, respected, and valued! Especially here in America.  It’s impossible to feel safe.” – Shanice / Phoenix, AZ

One reader commented under the MSN article, “It all starts with parenting, too many single mom’s not teaching [their] sons respect, right from wrong.  No 15 year old should be out all hours of the night.”

Another wrote, “I don’t doubt that they are fearful, but how much of that fear is fabricated by a fearmongering mainstream media and government? The reality is that the overwhelming majority of all violent crimes in the US happen within the same race (black on black, white on white, etc). Women are way more likely to be harmed by someone of the same race, so if they are that scared of being hurt, why use a one-race dating app unless you are just scared because people told you to be scared?Plus I dunno about you, but I think if someone is legitimately scared of getting hurt by men, using dating apps seems like a bad idea.”

A third added, “Oh stop playing the victim game for crying out loud! Does it occur to you that white people and Hispanics and Asians may, from time to time, not feel safe either, especially when entering a convenience store after dark.”

Another reader said, “makes sense that they don’t feel safe. it would make more sense that they don’t feel safe around b males.”

“1st question, whom are they dating? I would be a very high percentage are dating blackmales. sooooo…  what does that have to say about whom they are afraid of???,” wrote another. 

“Homi/cide is the leading cause of death for bl/ack preg/nant women.  Can’t even mention it in public.  America won’t discuss reality,” said another commenter. 

Do you agree? Sound off in the comments. 

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