Friday, August 19, 2022

Cardi B Locks Daughter’s Instagram Account After Trolls Attack Child

Cardi B and Kulture via Instagram

*Cardi B has put the Instagram page of her 3-year-old daughter Kulture on lockdown after the account was flooded with hateful comments. 

Kulture has more than 2.3 million Instagram followers. After learning that trolls were calling her child cruel names in the comments, Cardi B set Kulture’s account to private on Monday. 

“Haven’t been checking my daughter account but now I’m going to lock her page,’ the mom-of-two fired on Twitter. 

“I don’t know wtf is going on but I hope y’all moms die for giving birth to you hoe a** weirdos.”

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Meanwhile, last month Cardi B shared on Twitter that she “really” wants to get a tattoo of her 4-month-old son’s name on her face. 

“Random but ….I’m 1% close too[sic] tatting my sons[sic] name on my face….I really really wanna do it!” wrote Cardi, who shares her two children with husband/rapper Offset

Cardi said she wants the personalized tattoo “on my jaw.”

We reported earlier that Cardi B scored a legal victory last month against blogger Tasha K, who has been ordered by a judge to pay the hip-hop star over $4million after losing a federal libel case 

Tasha accused Cardi of being an STD-riddled prostitute, something Cardi fiercely denied. She claimed during court testimony that Tasha’s false allegations left her depressed and suicidal. 

“After almost four years of repeated libel and slander against me, being able to walk away from this victorious brings me great happiness,’ Cardi told People after winning her case. “I appreciate Judge Ray for conducting a fair and impartial trial.”

She added: “I am grateful for the jury and their careful deliberation over the past two weeks. I am profoundly grateful for the hard work and support from my legal team. 

“Most importantly, thank you to my family and close friends who held my hand and helped me get the support I needed during this experience.”

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