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Dirt! Reality Star Saaphyri Windsor Reveals Secret (Side Piece) Relationship with Ron Isley

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*Reality TV star Saaphyri Windsor, who appeared on Flava Flav’s dating show “Flava of Love”, allegedly dated the legendary Ron Isley for two years. 

As reported by I Love Old School Music, Windsor revealed in a past interview with Sister2Sister Magazine that she dated the music icon while he was dating his then-girlfriend (now his wife), Kandy Isley. The singer reportedly dumped Saaphyri right before his wedding. 

Per the outlet, check out what she had to say about their romance via the interview excerpts below.

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‘Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School’ contestant Saaphyri Windsor (Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic)

Saaphyri: I was involved with a guy who was a celebrity, who was older than me – very wealthy. And he came to me in 2005 and told me that he was getting married to somebody else. … After we had been together for two years.”

Saaphyri continued:

…He got married in 2006. That really broke my heart. …Even though I was still like, ‘There is maybe somebody out there for me,’ it broke my heart to the point I didn’t know exactly how I was going to react in another relationship, or if I was even ready for another relationship. And this person.

S2S Mag: Well, who is it, so we can go beat him up? [joking]

Saaphyri: Ronald Isley …Mm-hmmm.

“He wasn’t married when I first got with him. He had just gotten a divorce from Angela [Winbush]. He was messing around with his [then-]new wife. He did have a girlfriend, but I didn’t think that was important. I didn’t really have a lot of respect for anyone that would come between a marriage but I figured a girlfriend isn’t as important.

But I think because I wasn’t able to express my feelings a lot, he would say stuff to me like, ‘Why I don’t never really express myself. It’s because I don’t want to be hurt. I don’t know if I put everything out on the table, if you’re going to do something like he eventually did. You know, it was Mother’s Day and we’re on the way to church and he comes to my house to tell me he’s getting married.”

S2S: Do you think you will ever fall in love again?

Saaphyri: “I want to.

S2S: Ronnie [Ron Isley] was pretty old for you, wasn’t he?

Saaphyri: ”I like them old.”

Saaphyri spilled the tea about her alleged relationship with Ron Isley some years ago, and neither he nor his camp has denied it.

And there you have it!

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