Thursday, June 13, 2024

When Tami Roman Heard the N-Word Come Out of the Mouths of 2 ‘Real World Homecoming’ Roommates (Watch)

Tami Roman
Tami Roman reacts to a white roommate saying the N-word on Paramount+’s “Real World LA: Homecoming” – Screenshot

*Tami Roman is back on the reality show that birthed her fame, and we are all the better for it.

Just like old times, 28 years ago to be exact, the reality TV maven is driving the drama on Paramount+’s “Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles” series, and an exchange from this week’s episode has gone viral over her attempt to get the roommates straight on when they are allowed to say the N-word, which is never.

Tami was in the corner taking a smoke break when Glen uttered the full epithet while explaining how someone used it against one of his friends. In her Bonnet Chronicles bonnet, Tami explained to Glen that he shouldn’t even say the word in a second-hand context.

After Glen kept pushing back, Irene jumped in to defend Tami, but in the process said “ni**er” full-out. Tami shot her a look, eventually telling her – cigarette dangling from lip – that she shouldn’t say the word either, “Cuz you Latina.”

Then country-singing, evangelical Jon jumped in with an attempt to preach unity, boasting that in his house right now, back in Alabama, are “young Black colored people that I minister to.”

Watch the entire unedited hilarity, including Tami’s reaction to Irene and Jon, below:

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