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Superstratum on a Mission to Prevent the Harm from Water Damaged Buildings – Howard University Ya Listening?

Superstratum - Products
Superstratum – Products

*LOS ANGELES – Superstratum is on a mission to address the very problem students and staff are facing at Howard University. They’re talking mold and fungi. It’s not only a problem at schools like Howard and buildings around the the US, but it’s a growing threat worldwide.

Water damage and resulting mold can ruin homes, contaminate buildings and cause significant problems for millions of consumers every year. Preventing mold and mildew indoors has been an uphill battle. To address the enormous issue, Superstratum introduces a revolutionary line of ‘Smart Polymer’ products to prevent the harm caused by water-damaged buildings.

Over 45 million buildings in the U.S. have high mold levels, displacing hundreds of thousands of Americans.
Every year, mold destroys more wood than all fires and termites combined.

Recovering from mold is difficult and expensive. The average remediation bill costs between $2,000 – $10,000.

As climate change worsens, old buildings are increasingly unprepared for the water and mold problems they are encountering for the first time.

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Superstratum is different from any other product currently available. Superstratum offers a new surface coating technology known as ‘Smart Polymers.’ A Smart Polymer is a high-performance, stimuli-responsive acrylic polymer that adapts to any environment. Superstratum combines Smart Polymers and EPA-registered antimicrobials to create a suite of products with long-term protection from mold, mildew and microbes.

Superstratum Mold & Mildew Protectant

Legacy Mold Prevention Product, formerly known as Endurance BioBarrier

Guaranteed Surface Protection
10 Weeks on High-Traffic Areas
1 Year on Low-Traffic Areas
5 Years on Undisturbed Areas
Superstratum Fabric Odor Protectant

Long-lasting fabric and odor protection using ‘Smart Polymer’ technology

Guaranteed Fabric Protection
Withstands Aggressive Odors
Stays Active for 10 Wash Cycles
Safe for Skin Contact, No VOCs
Superstratum Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

Powerful and natural cleaning solution for mold removal

Guaranteed Cleaning and Mold Removal
Long-Lasting Formula
Professional Strength

Standard solutions for mold removal and prevention are ineffective long-term solutions. Bleach molecules can not penetrate micro-cracks where mold spores live. Quaternary salts begin to deteriorate with as little as 10% humidity, causing mold to grow back even more robust and keep the customer in a constant cleaning cycle.

“What makes our technology different from other coating systems is its ability to bond to virtually any surface and survive hundreds of wet and dry cycles, all while continually releasing active antimicrobials to inhibit the growth of mold and microbes on Superstratum coatings,” says John Miles, CTO of Superstratum. “By incorporating Smart Polymers into our formulas, we eliminate the need for constantly reapplying antimicrobials to protect against mold and mildew.”

In January of 2020, Spring Bayou Corp., a Smart Polymer development company out of Los Angeles, CA, acquired the Endurance BioBarrier Mold Prevention product formula. “Having been in the market for 12 years, I knew that I was working with a special formula,” managing partner of Endurance BioBarrier, Greg Bercutt, said. “Working with Spring Bayou to create Superstratum has allowed us to expand into a host of new markets and communicate the importance of what I’ve been shouting at the rooftops for over a decade!”

Superstratum aims to utilize Smart Polymers in products to service the following industry segments:

Antimicrobial coatings
Government & DOD
Home Improvement
Hospitals & Healthcare
Janitorial & Cleaning Services
Oil & Gas
Property Management
Remediation & Environmental Cleanup
Retail Cleaning Supplies
The protection of Superstratum is now available on and the Superstratum Shop.

About Superstratum
Superstratum utilizes ‘Smart Polymers’ to develop commercial, industrial, and consumer products to provide long-lasting protection from mold, mildew, algae, and odor-causing bacteria. Preserving the life of buildings, fabrics and surfaces from microbes.
source: Matthew Lee –

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