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Saweetie Riffs Offensive Lyrics in Tagalog (Her Mom’s Native Language) – Mother’s Upset | VIDEO

saweetie and mom maybe
Saweetie and her mom, about Pretty B!tch lyrics | Instagram Image

*OK, this is something different. Rapper Saweetie has a new song coming out. It’s sort of an in your face anthem celebrating exotic beauty (her own), and it’s called “Pretty B!tch Music.” Arguably, perfect for a culture that (perhaps above all else) values beauty and wealth.

Jealousy alert: listen to the “Pretty B!tch” lyrics with caution. Those who aren’t exactly exotic-beauties might feel a little left out and maybe a pouty-bit envious. Saweetie is mixed; her mom is Filipino and Chinese, and her dad is Black and she knows she’s especially pretty. And like rappers who reminisce about the street life, Saweetie takes the listener on a journey (starting from when she was just 15-years-old) detailing what living with her beauty is like and what it has done for her. (Some of the lyrics rant: Pretty b!tch music, pretty faces, no waists win first place…)

But wait, read-on there’s something inherently good about this…

Think about Megan Thee Stallion‘s hit song, “Body”(lyrics: curvy-body; big titties, little waist, body ody, ody, ody; big titties, little waist…), and top-rappers who’ve rapped praises of blessed-wealth (Money, cars and bling), that’s seemed to pour down from heaven and due to coveted music industry success. Oh and Muhammad Ali, who raved of his own greatness (which some consider an omen). Sometimes we just might need to sing about it.

Perhaps its an innate desire to belch out and just let it shine (whatever’s great about a ya), perhaps it’s been the attribute suppressed to suit others, like sexiness for example. And in the case of Pretty B!tch it’s exotic beauty with an urban twist.

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But whatever pretty case, this is the news:

In her upcoming debut album, there’s a section where Saweetie slips in some especially provocative lyrics while rapping in Tagalog (her mom’s native language), and when she let her (much more conservative) mother hear the sexy juiciness, mom said:

‘Girl, I can’t believe you just said that!’

Remember Betty Wright‘s lyrics in her (1978) “Tonight is the Night” song? Recall when the late hitmaker (in the song itself) told what her mom said of the lyrics: “Uh, I like the music. You know, baby, the melody it’s really nice. But I know you’re not gonna sing that song!” Wright said, the music makers “eased it right on by” and it became one of her biggest hits.

Of “Pretty B!tch” Saweetie said:

“I do talk some sh!t in Tagalog,” reports Billboard as mentioned in AceShowBiz. “My mum was really against it. My Asian side, they’re very traditional – they were immigrants. So it’s like, their culture’s a little bit more reserved.”

But, non-the-less, if Betty Wright’s example is an indication of what’s to come for Saweetie, stay tuned to see the rise of Pretty B!tch. Also, Saweetie plans to experiment with Latin next.

In the end, regarding “Pretty B!tch”, not every body’s gonna have the same attributes to celebrate. We’re all especially different. But one might imagine the world’s wise men and women saying – we all have our special.  So, we can all take joy and delight in the celebration of everything, just the same.

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Saweetie on Pretty B!tch freestyle | Getty Image

What Saweetie says of Pretty B!tch:

  • “It’s just one of those records where the beat introduces the song before the lyrics even come on.”
  • “I’m just really excited ’cause it’s just a lot of fun!”

And of the album’s unnamed collaborators, Saweetie said:

“They’ve worked hard to get to where they’re at, so the fact that I have them is just amazing.” The only hint Saweetie dropped is: one collaborator is male and the other is female.

It’s good to celebrate, right?

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