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RHOA Star Shamea Morton Denied Entry at ‘Racist’ Le Bilboquet Restaurant in Atlanta

Shamea Morton
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*The Le Bilboquet French bistro in Buckhead Atlanta came under fire last month after turning away former NBAer Dominique Wilkins over his designer casual clothing. 

Wilkins believes he was turned away from the popular eatery due to racism. 

“In my many years in the world, I’ve eaten at some of the greatest restaurants in the world, but never have I felt prejudice or been turned away because of the color of my skin, until today,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Discrimination has many different disguises, you know. In this case, it’s disguised through a dress code,” Wilkins said. “I’m just hoping that they learn from this and that they could get some diversity equality and this type of training to guard against this.”

After Wilkins put the restaurant on blast, management was quick to apologize. Now Le Bilboquet is being accused of racism once again after turning away “Real Housewive of Atlanta” star Shamea Morton.

According to a source familiar with the incident that took place on April 8th “Morton came to Le Bilboquet around 3 pm for a business meeting. She had a reservation already in place. At the time, Shamea entered the establishment wearing a Fashionable suit. She was immediately told by management that she wouldn’t be allowed entry based on her attire,” according to the source. 

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“It was at that moment that Shamea noticed that there were plenty of “Caucasian” guests seated that weren’t in compliance with the dress-code that was listed. Shamea started recording videos of different “Caucasian” guests wearing sneakers, some wearing “Slides” which were prohibited according to the listed dress code,” the source continued in an email message sent to EURweb.

“Shamea requested to speak to the manager Mark and that’s when the conversation got interesting. Shamea showed Mark videos of “Caucasian” guests that were seated outside of the listed dress code. Mark insisted that they were within their rights to be seated. Shemea went on the show to Mark a video of a Caucasian woman wearing “Slides” that were on the restricted Dress code list and his reply was simply “Those are Pretty.””

The 60-second video below supports Morton’s allegations. What’s interesting to note is that she tells Mark that this is the THIRD time she’s been discriminated against by Le Bilboquet, but for some odd reason, she keeps going back and subjecting herself to further humiliation. Is she doing it for attention? Or is this simply another example of Black people wanting to occupy spaces they’re not welcomed. Make it make sense, Shamea.

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