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Herbie Hancock Joins Animators with Fresh Approach to Teaching Young Children (Video)

Herbie Hancock

*Herbie Hancock is helping to jazz up the way young children are taught in school.

The pianist and composer has teamed with animators from Atomic Kid Studios to create videos that will use music to help kids learn problem solving and sequence thinking. The first video, “Treble Leads the Class,” is part of the supplemental curriculum.

“I’m thrilled to be able to create new ways for children to learn about music,” said Hancock who narrates the video. “I hope this video and the others to come will help instill a sense of fun and musical inspiration for kids around the world.”

“Treble Leads the Class” is the tale of characters Treble Clef and his best friend Four-Four Signature. Treble, like many young children, battles nerves and anxiety when talking with others. When he is chosen to lead his classmates during a day at school, Treble is challenged with facing those fears. Thankfully, his friend Four-Four is there to keep him calm.

Watch below:

According to the Washington Informer, the concept was developed by Young Academic Research Group (YAM) at the Touro Graduate School of Education in New York City. YAM is an early phase education and research program led by professors Susan Courey, Timothy Bellavia and Roslyn Haber. Atomic Kid Studios is an award-winning team and is a part of YAM. This learning development program is funded through a $1.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Much of the dialogue in the videos rely on the language of music to enlighten kids about notes, rhythm and the process of making music.

“Young children will learn rhythm and music notation, while fun and creative activities will provide structured opportunities for students to connect math skills to music and computational thinking at an early age,” said Courey.

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