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Gary Owen’s Estranged Wife Tells His Alleged Mistress to Lawyer Up

Gary Owen and Kenya

*Gary Owen’s estranged wife Kenya Duke has taken to social media to call out his alleged mistress and issue a warning to the mystery woman. 

Per thejasminebrand.com, Kenya accuses Gary’s mistress of vacationing in Florida and the Bahamas with him, using the ex-couple’s family funds. Duke made clear that she intends to use this information in a divorce hearing. She wrote:

@garyowencomedy I don’t care about any of these paid relationships. Although, I do think $600 for 30 min is too expensive and you were tripping if I tried to order a $12.00 side dishes when we ate out…Wow! What I do care about is you doing the right thing financially when it comes to me. (“It ain’t gone be right…until you do right) Does Brianna know I am still paying your bills? How does an old dude, choose a chick that doesn’t care about his relationship with his kids and she got kids? What kind of mother can @_itsbribri_ be? Thanks for all the info in my inbox. I have enough side chicks and escorts in my inbox to last a lifetime. No more needed. Everyone of these hoes that used my half of the money will be in court. After, I deal @_itsbribri_ Brianna Johnson. Thank you for shouting her out on Wendy’s show. That will also be used in court. Have fun on set ? y’all are tagging her. Please go correct your post. I have corrected mine.

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Kenya and Gary tied the knot in 2003 and announced their separation earlier this year. 

In March, she took to Instagram to slam the comedian for being messy following their split.

“@garyowencomedy all the energy you spent lying, acting and creating a fake narrative for these b****es that want to be me, you could have done it with a veggie burger and a glass of fake filtered water,” she wrote. 

Duke has accused Gary of being a deadbeat father who has not financially supported his family since they called it quits. 

The comedian denied these claims during a sit-down with Wendy Williams in June. While noting that his attorney advised him not to speak on the matter, Owen did make clear that: “There is a big twist to my divorce that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s a doozy,” he told Wendy. “But, I can’t speak on it yet. But, It’s big. It’s big.”

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