Sunday, October 2, 2022

TuPac Estate Unveils NFT Series Inspired by Rapper’s Jewelry: ‘The Immortal Collection’


*The estate of TuPac Shakur is celebrating the late rapper’s legacy with a newly unveiled NFT (non-fungible token) series entitled “The Immortal Collection,” which drops next week. 

As reported by Complex, “the four-piece range was created in partnership with Digital Arts & Sciences and Impossible Brief, one of the world’s leading specialists in digital art and collectibles,” the outlet writes. 

“The four-piece Immortal Collection is based on and connected to what Tupac saw in himself, in the stories he felt were worthy of telling, and what connects everyone to each other: ARTIST, ACTIVIST, SINNER, SAINT,” a press release reads. 

Take a look at the drop via the Twitter embed below.

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According to a press release, the series is based on some of Pac’s personal jewelry pieces, and reflects how he viewed himself as an “Artist,” an “Activist,” a “Sinner,’ and a “Saint.”

As reported by HypeBeast, the “Artist” is represented by his 2PAC ring; the Makaveli bracelet represents the “Activist”; the “Sinner” is symbolized by a solitaire diamond ring; and the “Saint,” is represented by the Euphanasia medallion necklace, which Pac wore in the last photo taken of him before his death in 1996.

“Tupac’s belief that everyone has the right to express themselves honestly through whichever artform they saw fit includes everything from music, to acting, from writing to dance, from photography and culinary art to self-expression through fashion. For Tupac, this included his choice of jewelry,” the press release read. “… In the last year of his life, he had the luxury of not just affording higher-end items, but he started to design them himself, down to the smallest details.”

The Immortal Collection features some of the items that will be displayed at the “Tupac Shakur. Wake Me When I’m Free” exhibit, per the report.

“The Impossible Collection” is set to release on December 15 via MakersPlace.

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