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Darius McCrary Engaged to Rick James’ Ex-Wife Following Sydney Starr Controversy

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*“Family Matters” star Darius McCrary recently sparked rumors that he’s dating male-to-female trans influencer Sidney Starr after kissing on a photoshoot.

The actor has denied dating Sidney and revealed in a video shared on social media that he is engaged to be married, but he didn’t reveal who his fiance is.

According to Rhymes with Snitch, Darius is engaged to Rick James‘ ex-wife Tanya Hijazi

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Darius McCrary - Sidney Starr / Instagram
Darius McCrary – Sidney Starr / Instagram

As reported by SandraRose, Rick and Tanya began dating in 1990 and their only child, son Tazman James, was born in 1993.

Here’s more from the outlet:

The couple was sentenced to prison for kidnapping and torturing a 24-year-old woman during a weeklong drug binge. While out on bail, the couple kidnapped and beat another woman over a 20-hour period. They married in 1996 and eventually divorced in 2002.

James died of natural causes in 2004 at age 56. Tanya never remarried.

Darius has been married three times to women who claim he was physically abusive. It’s unclear how he hooked up with Rick James’ ex-wife.

Meanwhile, we reported earlier that despite Sidney claiming they’ve been dating for nearly a year, a rep for Darius says it’s Sidney’s “desperate” attempt to get back on reality TV.

The rep confirms that the pair met back when they were filming “STAR” on FOX back in 2017 and have been friends since, but the rep claims she’s lying about the nature of their relationship.

In a statement obtained by The Shade Room, the rep says, “McCrary has kept an amicable friendship with Starr, who has been persistent with creating fake storylines and relationships with our client in a sad attempt to get back on ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York.’”

The rep, who previously repped Sidney as well but dropped her before this incident adds, “Darius has no interest in dating Starr, but will remain friends and support her journey of getting back on reality television. Mona and the executives are aware of her desperate behavior.”

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