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Trump’s Newest A-hole Comment: #Haitian Immigrants ‘Probably Have AIDS | LISTEN

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*Former President #DonaldTrump went on #SeanHannity’s show on Fox and criticized #Haitian immigrants at the US border, claiming they “probably have AIDS.”

#Trump said that allowing Haitians into the US is “like a death wish for our country.”

“Haiti has a tremendous AIDS problem. AIDS is a step beyond, AIDS is a real bad problem,” he told Hannity. “So hundreds of thousands of people are coming into our country. And if you look at the stats, and if you look at the numbers, take a look what’s happening in Haiti. A tremendous problem with AIDS.”

Contrary to his assertions, the prevalence of HIV among Haitian adults aged 15 to 49 is around 1.9%, according to data from the United Nations. While that’s higher than the global rate of 0.7%, reports say Haiti’s HIV prevalence rate has declined significantly in recent decades.

Haitian immigrants Texas border (Getty)
Haitian migrants at Texas border (09-17-21)- Getty

This isn’t the first time Trump has spoken on Haiti:

In 2017, According to The New York Times, Trump has made such claims before. He reportedly said at a White House meeting that 15,000 Haitian immigrants who were given US visas “all have AIDS,”. The White House at the time denied that he used those words.

In 2018, the Washington Post reported that Trump wanted immigrants from countries like Norway, instead of “sh**hole countries” when asked about #Haiti.

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